Thursday, June 2, 2011

USY Handbook: Chapter Election Process

So here is a post about the election process that goes on in my chapter. This does vary from chapter to chapter and region so it may be different from yours. I am tired so this is just the instructions I gave to each of my board members to help them conduct the elections for their board position. Note it is also missing a few steps sorry really want to go to sleep.

1.      Ask for nominations
2.      Once there is a nomination ask for someone to second it
3.      Repeat step 1-2 until no nominations are left
4.      Call candidates in alphabetical order for speeches (2 minutes for VP candidates 4 minutes for presidential candidates.
5.      If only one candidate go to step 6, if more skip to step 8
6.      Call for a vote be acclimation if no one opposes announce the winner and finish
7.      If someone opposes vote by a closed ballot where people vote either “in favor”, “opposed”, or “abstain” then see step 9
8.      Have a closed ballot where people write the names of the candidate they are voting for
9.      For a candidate to win they must possess 50% of all votes
10.  If a candidate wins announce if not move to step 11
11.  If only one candidate was running no one will assume office at given time, if more than one candidate was running then move to step 12
12.  Eliminate the person who received the least amount of votes and repeat steps 8-10(run-off election)

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