About ME!!!!!!!

I have always wanted one of these about me sections they seem so cool, so I am very exited.

I am Joan as you can see from the top of this page. I love lots of things. I enjoy horse back riding, I only ride English though and I like doing dressage the most. I do enjoy rides through trails especially in the fall. I like cheer-leading too. I hate mushrooms. My favorite fruits are peaches and strawberries. I only eat yo-play or chaboni yogurt (but I feel guilty when I eat yo-play because it is bad for you). I try to spare people listening to my singing because it is not pleasant and I am happy to admit that.

I enjoy spending my free periods with certain people because they are crazier than me and afterwards I feel slightly more sane.I spend Wednesday afternoons with Jo Jo, she is three and has Down Syndrome, and together we always sing the ABC's, her favorite song (and she sounds a whole lot better than me while singing it). Because of her when I grow up I want to help kids with special needs.

My newest hobby is blogging which I really do like more than I thought I would. I think I like it because no one tells me what to write or is going to grade it. It reminded me that I do enjoy writing which I had forgotten. All in all this discovery excites me.

The reason I started this blog(besides the fact I have always wanted to be a blogger) is to document my year on regional executive board for USY and also maybe help guide new members with(as that is my job on board). So for anyone who as any questions about me or USY just comment on this blog and I will contact you and help you in any way that I can.