Cast of Characters

This page is for anyone who just tuned in and is getting a little confused by the names. It is a work in progress if I left you out please don't get offended. If you are looking for a name that is not here please let me know so I can add it.

Hanefesh Regional Executive Board '11-'12

Penina- President, one of the more "famous" people here as far as USY is concerned. It is her second year on regional board, last year she was regional mem/kad. She has been on two summer programs, USY on Wheels: Mission Mitzvah and L'Takayn Olam. Her hair is a legend and she is only a junior.

Rachel- IA VP. Was on IA RGB last year. Fellow graduate of BCDS. Went to Ramah Palmer. Went on TRY her sophomore year of high school. Went on USY Israel Seminar '11. She is a senior.

Micah- Rel/Ed VP. Went to Ramah Palmer and Israel Seminar. Spent two years on rel/ed RGB.  He is a senior. He wanted me to put more things up about him, so here goes. He thinks he is really cool because people have been "trained" to be rel/ed since he was a freshman, but in reality he was conned in to it.

Jacob- SA/TO VP. Also a fellow graduate of BCDS. Was on IA RGB for two years. He was chapter SA/TO VP last year. He has been on USY on Wheels. Went to Ramah Palmer. He is a senior.

BENY USY Board '11-'12 (my chapter)

Ellie- Adviser. This will be her second year as our USY adviser and her fourth as the Kadima adviser.

Dina- President. She has been to a number of regional events in the past. Went to Ramah Palmer. She went on wheels. Is a junior.

Max- Rel/Ed VP. He was SA/TO VP on the board last year. He is a sophomore.

Sydney- SA/TO VP. She was Mem/Kad VP last year. Has been to the last two spring conventions. She is a senior.

Emily- Mem/Kad VP. My little sister. She is a freshman.

Melissa- Comm VP. She has been to a few regional events. She is a junior.

Has Beens and Staff

Cara- Regional IA '09-'10. My honorary big sister. The person who dragged me in to USY.

Dan- Regional IA '10-'11. The person who help me keep sane. Went to camp Ramah. Went on Wheels: Mission Mitzvah.

To Be Continued...