Monday, October 10, 2011

Icebreaker: Human Bingo

Yesterday was Hanefesh's Regional Kick-off, which was skating this year. I am going to write about that tomorrow though, when I have some pictures hopefully. Tonight I will write about the icebreaker we played.

Human Bingo Instructions


Make cards with different descriptions of people on it. Make sure the items on the card match the people you are expecting.

I made them using a bingo card generator, or if you e-mail me I could send you mine. I have 45 different cards with about 18 different things out of which 12 appeared per card.

At Event

As everyone arrives hand out bingo cards with pens or pencils.

Explain to people that the need to get signature of people who fit the description on the card to sign the box they fit, and they should try to fill up the card.

Why I Like It 

First reason I like it is that you don't need to take a set time to do it, so at the beginning of an event people can catch up with old friends or start making new ones. I also like that since you have the course of a few hours to do it you can really have a conversation with the people you meet.

Sample Bingo Card from the Internet


  1. This is great! Thanks! I can use this in my leadership training as ice breaker =)

  2. Hi there- I'd like your bingo cards if you still have them!
    Thank you!

  3. hello can you email me the bingo cards