Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Sukkot!!

Happy Sukkot Everyone!!

Hopefully the three day Yom Tovs aren't driving you quite as crazy as they are driving me. I think they make people rather crazy, at least we don't have them again next year. They have also thrown off my whole blogging schedule. It is rather frustrating. A 4year old I know came up to me Friday night after a Shabbat Sukkot dinner at my Shul if it was time for Havdalah yet, and this boy usually HATES Havdalah.  So since I am to out of whack to feel like writing I am going to post some visual things.

Funny How I Wrote a Similar Thing About Rosh Hashanah

This isn't about Sukkot but it is very funny and I know two of the people in it(the "interviewer" and the Shlomo sitting in the front center)

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