Sunday, October 2, 2011

Actual Information!!

Yay so lots of things I probably should of posted earlier.


Time is really running out to sign up!! Tomorrow it the last day to sign up, so fax in you forms in NOW!!

It will be a ton of fun and better yet you will get a chance to see me attempt to skate. I will also be handing out candy to all those who applied to mem/kad RGB as promised.


While you can not actually sign up yet, PLEASE SAVE THE DATE!!! If you are on RGB or chapter board this may be the most important event you attend all year. I know this was very helpful for me when I attended it last year as a regional president.


Inter-national Convention is in Philadelphia this year and it is going to be amazing. Hanefesh is having pre-convention with EPA. Registration has started so make sure you register NOW! (If you did not get the e-mail about IC, first sign up for the regional listserv, and then send me your e-mail and I will send you the info and application)

IC song as song by the regional presidents and international board members.

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