Friday, December 30, 2011

Wordless Whenever: IC Boston

Sorry for not posting lately. Just got back from IC where they announced next year's IC location... Boston.

I can't get the best picture to upload properly, I should really get a real camera.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

1st Timers Olympics

First all participants will be divided into countries (teams of 5). There will be three Olympic events each one will participate in.

The first is a game of intellect. Each person will have to get to know the people in their country. Each person will be responsible for knowing one other person but the person who one is responsible for cannot be responsible for him or her. After a few minutes everyone will be asked questions about the person they were supposed to get to know. Every time a person gets a question right their country earns a sticker. The country with the most stickers at the end wins.

The second event is a team building activity. The team has to arrange themselves in order of their birthday without talking to each other. First country to finish and be in the right order wins.

The last event is a more active one. It is an Israeli game call three sticks. Tree sticks are laid on the ground. All the players must line up in front of them. As their turns come the players must get from in front of the first stick to behind the last, but can only take one step in between each stick. The last stick will be moved to where the last player’s foot lands after they have finished. If a player falls or takes an extra step they are out. The last player who is still in wins for their country.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kinnus on Crutches- A Survival Guide

I have now experienced 3 conventions and part of an encampment on crutch so I feel more than qualified to write this guide.


First off packing can be a challenge. If you are having surgery and you know ahead of time that you will be on crutches pack ahead of time what you can. If you have to pack while on crutches put everything on the floor, don't try to use a table it will only make it harder.

The bigger problem than packing with luggage is carrying it. I suggest that you have one friend who will hold onto your luggage, especially if you are traveling using public transportation. If it stays with one person you are less likely to loose it. There is no way my suitcase would have made it to fall boards weekend if it wasn't for Micah.

Food and Drinks and other Stuff

Most of the time food at conventions is served buffet style which is an issue if you are using crutches. Again go to get food with a friend, than let your friend carry it back for you. If someone is sitting near you and is going to get a drink ask them to get you one too. I personally made sure all my friends at Leadership Convention (which I went to 3 days after knee surgery) knew how I liked my tea and that way if they were getting some for them selves they would grab me a cup.

Shabbat Issues

All people on crutches know that elevators are essential to life. Staying on say the 4th floor of a hotel on Shabbat can pose a problem. Make sure you know how to go up stairs on crutches prior to the convention, and when going up the stairs make sure someone who is willing to go at your pace is with you. Not only for safety but you will want someone to talk to and who can cheer you on.

If the convention is home hospitality make sure you talk to your regional director. If you don't need to walk and there are some houses where people are driving stay there. If you are shomer shabbos or everyone is walking make sure you are staying as close as possible to the Shul.

Services can pose another problem, it is a lot of standing...and then sitting and standing again. If you can stand you should. If it hurts to be up right or is just too hard to get up and pack down it is ok to sit the whole time. I didn't even attempt to stand during services at Leadership.

Other Random Things

If you are at a camp make sure you are never walking through the woods and similar areas alone.

I wanted to be self sufficient my first convention on crutches, but I would of been so much better off if I accept more peoples help. People are nicer to you when you are on crutches so you might as well take advantage of the only good thing about crutches. If someone ask you if you need help just say yes.

Be creative, if everyone is playing mini tanks you can too, only you should play the hand version.

Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

Shockingly one of the only pictures of me on crutches at Fall

Monday, December 12, 2011

Icebreakers: Around the World Themed

This past weekend was Hanefesh Fall Convention, it was around the world themed, plus I really like post-its.

Length of program: 10 Minutes

Overview / Summary of Program:
The purpose of this program is to put people into groups for the skits activity. Each
person will have to guess what his or her card says and then organize themselves by
the continent the card is associated with.
Supplies Needed:
Index cards (each card will have a word that is associated with a specific continent),
Step-by-Step instructions (be specific):
1. Give out the cards, one per a person. Have them tape it on either their forehead
or back without looking at the word written on the card.
2. Have people walk around and ask other people yes or no questions about the
word that is written on their card.
3. Once each person has guessed the word on their card, have everyone get into
groups based upon which continent their word is associated with.

Special Notes to make the program successful:
Make sure people don’t start cheating! Also make sure that the tape can stick to skin.

Examples for cards
South America – Salsa dancing, taco, World Cup 2014, Amazon
Asia – Martial arts, Mulan, sushi, panda
Australia – Koala bear, kangaroo, boomerang, outback
Europe – Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Summer Olympics 2012, pizza
Africa – Lion, safari, The Lion King, pyramid
Antarctica – Ice, polar bear, penguin, North Pole
North America – Hamburger, baseball, maple syrup, Coca Cola