Saturday, November 26, 2011

Flat Stanley's Adventures

I hope everyone had a very yummy Thanksgiving.

For the break Lily was given a flat Stanley and was told to take pictures of his adventures. Lucky for Lily she has three older siblings who took care of it for her.

All the pictures started out innocently enough, mostly involving food.

Flat Stanley poses in front of the turkey.
So many were taking we started calling him "fat" Stanley.

"Fat" Stanley hiding behind the chocolate cake.
After running out of food we had to get more creative though.

Here are the picture Lily has seen.
Flat Stanley's Leg Catches on Fire

Using Water to Put out Fire
After we were done with "light" him on fire our hostess asked much to my parents' dismay, "Has Flat Stanley gone to the bathroom recently?"

Off my brother goes to the bathroom with the camera and Flat Stanley in tow.

Flat Stanley Takes a Bathroom Break
The next section of pictures Lily has not seen.

After the bathroom pictures someone decided to get ketchup. Max launches into a 127 hours theme photo shoot.

The rock has been replaced with a mug.
And now Flat Stanley cuts off his leg of course.

The Ketchup Comes Out
It is pretty safe to say most of these pictures will NOT be sent to school with Lily come Monday.

*No Flat Stanleys were harmed in the making of this post*

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Membership: The Value of One Member

10 members standing in a line. One disliked the president, and then there were 9.
9 ambitious members offered to work late, one forgot his promise and then there were 8.
8 creative members had ideas god as heaven, one lost enthusiasm, and then there were 7.
7 loyal members got into a fix, they quarreled over programs, and then there were 6.
6 members remained with spirit and drive, one moved away, and then there were 5.
5 steadfast members wished there were more, one became indifferent, and then there were 4.
4 cheerful members who never disagree until 1 complained of meetings, and then there were 3.
3 eager members! What did they do? 1 got discouraged, and then there were 2.
2 lonely members, our rhyme is nearly done. 1 joined BBYO, and then there was 1.
1 faithful member was feeling rather blue, until he met his neighbor, and then there were 2!!!
2 earnest members each enrolled 1 more, doubling their number, and then there were 4!!!
4 determined members just couldn’t wait, ‘til each got another, and then there were 8!!!
8 excited members signed up sixteen more, and in another 6 verses, there will be 1024!!!!

Small but Mighty

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Friendship Circle Helps Special Needs Kids ::

Please go vote for Friendship Circle at
I have blogged about this amazing organization before, it really helps a ton of people.

Friendship Circle Helps Special Needs Kids ::

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Wordless Whenever: Hanefesh URL Bracelets

So I find these bracelets extremely awesome. Everyone got either this one or the NERUSY one at our joint Leadership Weekend (depending on which region they are in. You can take a picture with a smart phone of the bar-code part to get to .

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Icebreaker: M&Ms

I just got back from the Hanefesh and NERUSY Leadership weekend. This is the ice breaker I used, it was written last year by Daniella, who is the NERUSY president, so all credit for it goes to her. I found everyone really enjoyed it and were really getting into it.

M&M Ice Breaker

The first game or more of a boundary breaker is for everyone to get to know each other. After going around saying our name and chapter and a fun fact about ourselves, I will pass around a brown paper bag filled with M&Ms and tell each person to pull out one M&M, but to keep it covered in their hand. One by one people will uncover it and depending on the color of the M&M they will have to answer a different question. The point of the game is to learn something new about each other in a fun way and it’s yummyJ

Red: one superpower that you would want and give a scenario that it would be used in (be creative)
Blue: most embarrassing, stupidest or funniest moment in a USY setting and if you don’t have one just a funny/embarrassing story
Green: what would you do if you had $10,000,000 (but it can’t be donated to SA/TO because MEM/KADs hate SA/TOs)
Yellow: serenade the person next to you with your favorite song and explain why you chose that song
Brown:  If you had to bring a new member to a USY event who is your date who would you bring and why. It can be someone famous or a fellow USYer. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend that is not in USY, well that’s too bad, pick again or do your job and make them join USY. Simple.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

USY Handbook: USY Lingo

I have not done a Handbook post in a while. Sometime it is hard for people and new USYers to keep up in a conversation about USY so hopefully this can help a little.

IA- Israel Affairs Vice President
SA/TO- Social Action/Tikun Olam Vice President
Rel/ed- Religon/Education Vice President
Mem/kad- Membership/Kadima Vice President
Comm- Communications Vice President

REB-Regional Executive Board
RGB- Regional General Board

Kadimanik, Kadink, Dinker- Nicknames for someone in Kadima

Chofesh- Free time
Sicha- Lesson

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wordless Whenever: Free Hugs!

Thank you to USY Facts for the picture.
This is a free hug card that Tammi found somewhere and passed out to e and the rest of the Hanefesh board at encampment. I still have a few left in my clipboard, I tend to give them out at random. I think they are really cute, but still don't get why there is a dollar bill in the background when it is supposed to be free.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sweet 16

The highlight of my birthday so far was getting an e-mail from my past self, through . I wrote it when I was 14. I think I might of been smarter than, than I am now.

Dear FutureMe,
Happy 16th birthday. Today is the day you change your life do somthing daring.You can drive. Remember to smile, have fun. You can't win the lotto if you don't buy the ticket, so do that take a leap of faith the worst that can happen is you loose a dollar, but what is a dollar in the great scheme of things anyway? Remember to jump because you just might fly.
-Your self Joan at 14
It is quit brilliant I think and I don't think I could write such an amazing letter to my future self today.