Saturday, November 26, 2011

Flat Stanley's Adventures

I hope everyone had a very yummy Thanksgiving.

For the break Lily was given a flat Stanley and was told to take pictures of his adventures. Lucky for Lily she has three older siblings who took care of it for her.

All the pictures started out innocently enough, mostly involving food.

Flat Stanley poses in front of the turkey.
So many were taking we started calling him "fat" Stanley.

"Fat" Stanley hiding behind the chocolate cake.
After running out of food we had to get more creative though.

Here are the picture Lily has seen.
Flat Stanley's Leg Catches on Fire

Using Water to Put out Fire
After we were done with "light" him on fire our hostess asked much to my parents' dismay, "Has Flat Stanley gone to the bathroom recently?"

Off my brother goes to the bathroom with the camera and Flat Stanley in tow.

Flat Stanley Takes a Bathroom Break
The next section of pictures Lily has not seen.

After the bathroom pictures someone decided to get ketchup. Max launches into a 127 hours theme photo shoot.

The rock has been replaced with a mug.
And now Flat Stanley cuts off his leg of course.

The Ketchup Comes Out
It is pretty safe to say most of these pictures will NOT be sent to school with Lily come Monday.

*No Flat Stanleys were harmed in the making of this post*

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