Sunday, December 18, 2011

1st Timers Olympics

First all participants will be divided into countries (teams of 5). There will be three Olympic events each one will participate in.

The first is a game of intellect. Each person will have to get to know the people in their country. Each person will be responsible for knowing one other person but the person who one is responsible for cannot be responsible for him or her. After a few minutes everyone will be asked questions about the person they were supposed to get to know. Every time a person gets a question right their country earns a sticker. The country with the most stickers at the end wins.

The second event is a team building activity. The team has to arrange themselves in order of their birthday without talking to each other. First country to finish and be in the right order wins.

The last event is a more active one. It is an Israeli game call three sticks. Tree sticks are laid on the ground. All the players must line up in front of them. As their turns come the players must get from in front of the first stick to behind the last, but can only take one step in between each stick. The last stick will be moved to where the last player’s foot lands after they have finished. If a player falls or takes an extra step they are out. The last player who is still in wins for their country.

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