Sunday, October 2, 2011

How Elmo High Jacked My Work Time

I spend many Sunday Mornings at my Shul during Hebrew School, I find that I get a lot of work done there. But today I did not.

As usual I get to Shul at about 9:30 just as the Hebrew School kids are arriving, but since it is the Sunday between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kipur its Sukkah Building Sunday. The parking lot looked like a lumber truck had lost a few pieces of wood in a very orderly fashion. As I make my way to the office where I usually work I pass the chapel, where the men who had come for Sukkah building are in Minyan.

I soon spot two boys I babysit for, Joel and Eli, 3 1/2 and 2, respectively. Eli comes running up to me and gave me a big hug. He then proceeded to show me HIS Kipah (the day before it had been left at home and he refused to wear any other Kipah). Joel and I then pounded it.

I went to the office and set up my laptop and made a human bingo game for the Hanefesh Kick Off(which you are all coming to, RIGHT?). By the time I had finished I figured I would check on the boys, who were now by the Sukkah building with their dad.

I asked Eli and Joel if they wanted to come in with me. Joel was very happy being a go-for for the adults but Eli wanted Airplane(when I pick him up and hold him out like an airplane while running). So I brought him inside like an airplane.

I brought him to the office with me and he was content on my lap while I attempted to get a program from another region to help with a new program we are trying to create for Hanefesh. By the time I finished typing my message Eli is pointing to the computer shouting "ELMO! ELMO!"

So soon I found my self on the Sesame Street website making a custom playlist of Elmo and Big Bird. I just want to add here that I usually object to having little kids watch TV and I this is like the third time I have let someone under the age of 5 watch TV while I was watching them. Eventually Joel comes in and joins our 'Street Fest'. Both seemed completely mezmorized  by Elmo and friends. I have to say the worst part though was that I was singing along (I also happen to spend a lot of time with a boy age 4 who has known the words to Elmo's World since he was one and has kindly taken the time to teach me all the sesame street songs).

Eli Mesmerized by Elmo 

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