Monday, June 13, 2011

Reasons to Join USY: It's Where Services and Fun Meet

One of the many things people bring up when I am trying to get them to join USY is services. I am someone who is not fond of sitting in shul during services so I understand where they are coming from. Praying three times a day does not always sound fun, but in USY it is.

In USY we don't pray the way we do usually, there is always something fun added. There are many different themes added to services to help break them up and make them fun. Here are some examples-

Nature Service- Usually conduct in the woods. During this service you embrace nature, it may include discussions about the earth and you get to go off to your own spot to say the amidah.

Yoga Service- Always a favorite in Hanefesh, in between prayers you do different yoga poses and learn about yoga. Instead of the amidah there is usually silent meditation. This service is very relaxing.

Improve Service- In this service you get to play different improve games that relate to the prayers you are saying. This is a good choice for anyone into theater.

Harry Potter Service- Note that this can only be done Sunday mornings. You get to watch scene of Harry Potter in between the prayers.

Candy Service- While I have never actually been to this one I do know people come out with a bag of candy. This one is perfect for a sugar junkie.

Beginner's Service- Again I have never been to this one. This service is for those who would like to learn the prayers better, it will feed your inner rel/ed.

And there are more!(But you will have to come to find out)

Disclaimer: This is not a full list of all services ever done and not all services above mention are offered at all conventions.

We also always sing and dance. Praying becomes an experience at USY.

If you are still unsure let me tell you of a girl name Annie(yeah it is the one who sings). So one day me and Dan(has been IA) dragged her to spring convention. And when we went to go daven she gave me an unhappy look. So I looked at her and said, "It will be fun I promise."

She skeptically said "OK"

Anyway after we finish she turn to me now looking a whole lot happier and said "You were right praying IS fun here." The end.

Moral of the story if you give services at USY a chance you might just be happily suprised.

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