Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Misinformed Antisemite

Hope everyone had lots of cheese cake! (If not I have some still in my fridge, it's chocolate)

So I don't actually have a topic in mind to write about today but I really did want to write something after not being able to because of Shavuot for two days. But as it does one I am bored(or feel like procrastinating) once again StumbleUpon comes to the rescue. I stumbled on an article about 2 minutes ago about antisemitism in San Francisco.

To read the article go here-

I thought it was kinda of interesting but I am not going to write about circumcision(topic of article if you didn't read it but it is good so you should read it). Instead I think I will talk more about antisemitism. For those of you who do not know I spent the first nine years of my schooling at a Jewish day school, clearly sheltered against antisemitism.

At the begging of Freshman year I quickly found out I was in for a very different experience. Cara told me at the towards the start of school not to be too openly Jewish. I soon heard this from a few other people. I decided that I wasn't going to hide my religion from anyone though. I always wore(and still do wear) my necklace I got in Israel from Hodia, with a Hebrew verse written on it. I took the necessary days of school for all the holidays.

Within a week or two from the start of school a few kids started coming up to me and telling me that they are Jewish or half-Jewish. They all seemed excited to share their customs with me, but did so in a rather secretive manner. These types of people are sometimes described as "closet" Jewish, they usually are just afraid of other peoples reaction to their religion.

My first major incident with antisemitism happened when I got a formspring account(don't get one). At first it was fun me and my friends would write inside jokes and things to each other. But soon after I started the account the "questions" I was getting became mean, this is one of them-

By automatically believing what your parents told you was true even though it directly contradicts science (flood geology, radioactive dating, evolution etc etc) you are being a "wasp."

I got many things like this based on my religion. My reaction varied from post to post, some were worst then others. This one above I almost laughed at because whoever had written it is so misinformed. First off my parents don't tell me that science isn't right. I learned about evolution in school just like everyone else. And it really frustrates me when these people told me what I be levied in because it was NEVER true. Hands down the best part of this in all its stupidity was calling me a WASP. White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. I mean REALLY? Are they seriously this stupid? First harass me for being Jewish that call me a WASP? And this was only one of many messages I received from stupid people trying to tell me what I believed in and the problems with it(what they thought I believed in. This what I was dealing with, I now realized why there were "closet" Jews at my school. 

I am going to do a follow up post on this tomorrow that will incorporate USY but I am to tired for now.

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