Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Misinformed Antisemite (Part 2)

So I said on Thursday that I would tie antisemitism in with USY. Well before I do that I would like to throw in one more thing that my counselor from camp, Amanda told me.

When I was eleven at camp someone compared a situation to the Holocaust, I was very discussed and upset by this reference, finding it completely inappropriate. I stormed off into the woods (well kind of, I was really already in the woods) and sat down with my back pressed against an old stone wall. Amanda came up to me and after hearing what had just happened she told me about a boy at Brandies(she went to school there at the time), who denied the Holocaust.

This shocked me, how on earth could someone at Brandies deny the Holocaust? She explain to me about how there would be protest after protest and nothing would work. The most important thing Amanda said was how even though you can't always change peoples minds you can at least educate them.

Going back to my previous post the person who sent me that message on formspring wasn't educated and that was their problem. And I might not be able to change anyones mind maybe I could educate them.

The problem becomes, after receiving about three nasty messages like that one every day for over a month how does one continue taking pride in their religion and not try to hide it? Thats where USY comes in, it creates a safe place for that pride to grow, and to keep people from giving up. Ruach sessions and yoga services remind me and other teens what exactly it is we are part of.

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