Tuesday, May 31, 2011

USY Handbook: USY Board Positions

Today was my last chapter board meeting as chapter president. The last time I would franticly run to the copier to make sure I had all the hand outs ready before anyone arrived, only to have the copier jam about three time. It was defiantly a bittersweet meeting as we looked ahead to election and the ends of our terms. So I decided as I explain the importance of every position on a USY board to my board to help them understand why we could not have co-presidents if we did not even have a full board I decided to post it here for any USYer who would like to know more about each position.

President- The overseer of all things that the rest of the board does. Usually the organized one who makes all the agendas and schedules. Picks up any and all slack that needs to be done and any work that does not fall into another category(which is a lot more than you think). Also does what ever no one else wants to do, and puts every thing she/he can into his/her job.

Israel Affairs Vice President (IA)- In charge of all things Israel. Updates to chapter/region. Israel late nights at convention. Israel themed events.Over sees the IA general board (if there is one, there usually is not in a chapter). Also should the president resign for whatever reason the IA becomes the president.

Religion/Education Vice President (Rel/Ed)- In charge of all religion and educational aspects of USY. Makes sure that there is someone doing everything during services. Educates the chapter/region on Jewish holidays and such. Over sees rel/ed general board.

Hanefesh REB '11-'12 from left: Jacob(SA/TO), Rachel(IA), Penina(President), Joan a.k.a. me(Mem/Kad), Micah(Rel/Ed)
Social Action/ Tikun Olam Vice President (SA/TO)- In charge of all charity and volunteer work in USY. Organizes SA/TO events that raise money for different charities. Over sees SA/TO general board.

Membership/ Kadima Vice President (Mem/Kad)- First off clearly the best board position because its mine. Keeps track of membership numbers. Recruit new members, and help integrate them once they join USY. Plan all Kadima events and programs, Helps 8th graders bridge. Over sees mem/kad general board.

Communications Vice President (Com)- In charge of all communications with the region/chapter. Publicizes all events and make sure the work gets out. Does Facebook and website posting. Edits and collaborates all publications and newsletters. Over sees com general board.

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