Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flashback: Bonnie vs. Julia

Sorry another vinette, I promise more real post soon.

“Time to open your presents” my mom shouts up the stairs. I run down the stairs as fast as I can. Wait I am missing something, I stop suddenly. I forgot Bonnie upstairs on my bed. Bonnie is my stuff dog from FOA Schwartz, I got her when I was a baby and she goes everywhere with me.  I quickly run back upstairs to get Bonnie, as I pick her up I run back down to the big pile of presents. I really only wanted to open the big boxes in the back that had arrived a few days earlier. I was being told to politely open the rest of the presents first. Bonnie and I started to open the presents one by one, any five year old should be excited about new toys but I am too focused on the boxes in the back. Finally I finished opening all the other presents and strait for one of the boxes I go.
I rip the wrapping paper off the box with Bonnie by my side…a cardboard box? That is NOT what is supposed to be in there. My dad takes the box from me though and opens it with scissors and hands it back to me. Out slides a wicker suitcase, I unsnap it filled with suspense, and inside I find little of different doll accessories. Not what I was looking for but I am still excite, plus there is still one more box to go. Again I rip off the wrapping paper and find another cardboard box. Now my dad is already on standby with the scissors ready and opens the second box. This time I throw Bonnie grab the box and reach inside to find a doll. Not just any doll but a Bitty Baby American Girl Doll. I had been asking for an American Girl Doll for weeks, while this might not have been an American Girl Doll I knew it was as close as I was getting. I excitedly named her Julia. For the next few days Julia came with me everywhere I went instead of Bonnie.
Bitty Baby similar to Julia except for outfit
 A few days later my mom started telling me it was time to go visit my great grandma in her nursing home and to get ready and to remember Bonnie, my mom had forgotten about Julia. While my mom may have forgotten Julie, I had forgotten about Bonnie, but my mom just reminded me. In a panic I remember I don’t know where Bonnie is. Running, I go to my brother asking if he knew what happened to Bonnie. He is looking at me like I am crazy and points to the two stuff dogs that are bigger than me. As I turn there she is, Bonnie is in their arms. I hug her and whisper “I will never forget about you again.”

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