Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Beginning of the End(of Being Chapter President)

Sorry I haven't posted in a while on Friday I got home later than usual and did not have a lot of time before shabbos dinner. First happy Memorial Day Weekend to all. This post is going to be about my chapter I think.

It is a bit scary that in a one week I will end my last term as chapter president. Every things in order for the next person to take office. Some one else will have my 3in binder and fed-ex bag of silicone bracelet. Almost done. Its time for my chapter to function with out me. Time to make my last checklist(as chapter president I am sure I will make many as mem/kad) on that pink paper I always use.

  • Proof read Constitution one last time
  • Read all application to run
  • Write elections script for board members
  • Download all chapter USY tings on to a USB drive
  • Make sure everything in the binder is up to date
  • Write letter to next chapter president
Thats it then we get to election day. My final act will be to adopt the new constitution. Then we elect the new board. And lastly we will be uninstall-ed and we will be install-ed. Marking the end of an era but the beginning of a new and hopefully better one for everyone.

Picture of the kids in my chapter who where at spring convention
Freshman year I wasn't even elected president it was more of an appointment. One day I was checking my e-mail and I had one from the region. I was very confused because it was addressed to chapter presidents, it asked them to write an article for Kulanu, the newsletter. I called up the person who was my chapter advisor at the time. I asked him about the e-mail and he said that when he was asked who the president was he gave my name. So I figured I might as well write the article and I did.

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