Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flashback: Honorary Big Sister

I have a big brother and two little sisters, but I've always wanted a big sister. Cara is my big sister. I've know Cara since I was five. We became close the year I was in 8th grade, Cara was a junior at Wilton. Although I had not gone to Hebrew school(I went to a Jewish Day School) I became an aide to Cara who was the kindergarten teacher.

When I was a Freshman in high school I knew practically no one, and the few people I did know ignored me, after all I was the weird new girl. By the time i got to 4th period German I was hopeless that anything good could come of the day, but then as I was going into the classroom I looked up and saw Cara. I was overcome with a sigh of relief, finally a familiar face that would talk to me. Soon Cara had looked over my schedule telling me about each teacher with words of advice. There was then a slight bit of hope that I might just survive the day.
During my freshman year I always knew that once I got to German my day would be a little bit better. It was an entertaining class. Cara and I would speak in Hebrew and sometimes we would insert people in the class' names, we wouldn't actually talk about them but their reactions were priceless. One day a kid started yelling "They are speaking in tongues! THEY ARE SPEAKING IN TONGUES!!!!"
Our German Teacher then went on a speech about it was good we were speaking in a language other than English and how that was the whole point of the class.

Now here is where USY comes in. Cara happened to be regional Israel Affairs(IA) Vice President that year. She was also on my bus. About a few weeks into the school year before the regional kick-off event Cara turned to me one day when we were going home on the bus and said "We need to get you more involved in USY so you can find a HUSBAND." I had thought she was going to say boyfriend, I knew she was convinced to set me up, but a husband? Wasn't that a little premature? Nope I guess not for Cara, who did not want me to go out with anyone from Wilton.

Anyway I did go to kickoff and by spring I was hooked on USY and year after that spring I became the regional Mem/Kad VP. So I guess I should thank Cara. Although I have not found my husband yet, but that's OK because I am in no rush. And when I get a boyfriend don't worry Cara you will get to approve him.

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