Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kulanu Gradution

I am in a Hebrew high school program called Kulanu. I originally did this for USY(this is how it relates to the blog by the way) as one of the requirements to run and to be on board is to have to have a certain amount of Jewish education per week. I also joined to shut up my friend Dan, who is the immediate past IA VP (Cara's successor).

I just went to the same classes as him at first. I was lucky that these two girls, Sophie and Eden, just happen to be in both my classes. We soon became fast friends. Together we learned Hebrew, about the conflict in the Middle East, how evil relates to Judaism, and "Israel cooking" (little shout out to emissaries Anat and Aner PITA PIZZA with ketchup and kraft singles IS NOT FOOD in any country).

Anyway today was Kulanu's graduation for the senior class. It was really weird for me, people go to college every year. So why was I so emotional about it this year? Then it hit me, I have seen people graduate before but (besides Cara) I have never been that close to them, but this year I am. These kids are only two years older then me, they have been with me for half of my time in high school. Dan has been there with me through USY and Kulanu. I don't know if I would have survived USY elections with out Dan keeping me from having a nervous break down. So I would like to thank him for that and many other thinks. I will miss you. So I dedicate this post to Dan and all the other USY and Kulanu Seniors.

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