Monday, May 23, 2011

Six Flags!!!(and Getting French Fries)

Yesterday was my first event on REB. And with it comes quite a few good stories. First off when we arrived at the amusement park we were handed a pink sheet from the region explaining all the rules and things. OK most were easy enough to fallow requiring no real effort.

Anyway a few friends and I went on a few rides and whatever and then got hungry around noon. My friend, Jillian, and I decided we were going to get fries, a task that should be simple enough, right? Wrong. We got online and whipped out our pink sheets just to re-check the rules on Kashrut.
  • No meat
  • No hot dairy (i.e. pizza)
  • If purchasing cooked foods (i.e. French fries, pretzels, etc.), you MUST inquire about the following:
  1. has it been pre-breaded/cooked
  2. is there anything else cooked in the same batter with it
  3. what type of oil was it cooked in (can not be a meat/chicken based oil!)
As we read these three questions Jillian and I look at each other a bit skeptical, would whoever was working at the food stand even know the answer to all of these? Did people actually cook things in chicken or meat based oils? 

Jillian quickly said to me "You are asking, because I won't."

"Fine, I guess I will." I replied while think 'Great, now they will think I am crazy.'

So we wait are turns in line and when it finally is our turn to order I launch into my questions in a matter of fact sort of way, "Have the fries been pre-breaded or cooked?"

The woman looked confused, "What?"

"Pre-breaded or cooked?"

She turned around and yelled the question to someone in the kitchen. That person yelled back "Not that I know of, I am pretty sure they haven't" and the woman helping us repeated the answer. So I guess that was the right answer but not really sure at this point. 

Onwards in my quest I went "Were the fries cooked in the same batter as anything else?"

The woman, now looking at me like she was sure I was crazy and should probably be put in some sort of mental institution, answered with a reassuring "No."

One left, What type of oil were the fries cooked in?"

Starting to look pissed but keeping calm the woman asked, "Are you allergic to something?"

Taking a moment I though through different responses and the scenario that would fallow each one, finally settling on one, "Yes, I'm severely allergic to meat...and chicken."

"Oh OK then I will go check to make sure there was nothing in the same oil as the fries and make sure there is no meat in the oil." The woman said with a look shifting to more scared.

She came back with one order of fries, now her face looked relived, probably because she was done with me. I was happy though too, because I finally had my fries and a nice cold drink. 

As soon at I went back to where the other USYers were sitting they all wanted to know where I had gotten the fries, so they would not have to go through the conversation I just had, though it was rather entertaining. More six flags stories to come.

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