Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flashback: First Memory

I have a lot of homework so I don't have a lot of time to post as a result. This week in English I was assigned to write three vinettes(short stories), to night I am going to post my first one. It doesn't really have to do with USY sorry, I promise a more USY centered one tomorrow. Also it had to be written in 1st person so it is a bit different then previous stories. A little background information, this is my first memory from when I was three and had my tonsils removed.

Everything is so white, it’s a little frightening. A nurse leads me and my dad to a room filled with toys it looks like, my dad goes in to get a wagon. It is plastic, not like the one we have at home, but it is red tike mine, but it has blue doors on each side. Unsure I get in the wagon and my dad starts pulling me around. Down in the elevator we go, as we leave the elevator I am dwarfed by what I am seeing. I have read many books about the orphaned elephant. Here right in front of me in a hospital stands Babar, six feet tall. We only get to stay for a minute as I look up at him. Soon my dad takes me back to my room.
Babar the Elephant in Legos at Yale New Haven Hospital

As we get back to my room another nurse enters, in her hands are tow funny looking things and a doll. The nurse sits next to me and explains that the funny looking things are masks, the big one is for me and the small one is for the doll, which she hands to me. I quickly decide to hold the doll closely along with Rebecca, a small green dog that was given to me when I first came here. The nurse starts to explain to me that the mask is going to go over my face. She starts to demonstrate on the doll. So that doesn’t look so bad. I take the smaller mask and first put that over the doll. The nurse encourages me to try it on myself so I do, even though I am still doubtful about this whole “mask” thing because it’s not pretty or funny looking the way masks are supposed to be. After I put the mask on the nurse wants me to practice breathing, I know how to breathe why do I need to practice? In, out, in, out, happy now? I guess she is, at least she looks satisfied. Now she is asking what flavor I want. What flavor what I plea, but no one seems to like answering my questions here. I guess I will find out soon enough. Orange I finally choose.

Next a nurse leads me down a hallway, I start skipping. At the end we get to this strange looking room, different from any I have ever seen before. They tell me to lie down on what looks like a table. I usually get in trouble for lying on tables but ok I think. The nurse now hands me a mask, it’s like the ones from before except instead of having a hole in it there is a tube connected to the mask. I put it on like the other nurse had shown me to. Wait, why does the air taste like an orange lollipop? Soon someone told me to count backwards from ten. Ten…Nine……Six…….

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