Monday, May 16, 2011


The title of this post is my life is USY(yes it is stolen from facebook) because its true you can use 3 letters to sum up my life. I am finishing up my last three weeks as chapter president. I am ready to move on though and  I think two years is enough time for anyone to be chapter president. It will be a little hard because its like my baby but I hopefully will be leaving my it in good hands. Then all I will have to focus on is my new position as regional Membership Kadima Vice President. This blog will give people a glimpse of life as a USY regional executive board(REB) member. I'm not completely sure what I will write here so i guess it will be a surprise for everyone. So thats about it for now. While I'm at it I will throw in some shame less advertising, everyone should go sign up for Yom Six Flags aka Final Event you can get flyers and forms at

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