Friday, August 12, 2011

Six Flags Remembers Me

I will quickly finish my week of camp with just a picture from Friday.

Campers on a Swing at a Nature Center

Yesterday I went with my friend from camp, Ilana to Six Flags New England. When it came time for lunch I had the same challenge as always finding meat free food. Its not hard. We went to a wraps place and I order mine and as she made it she asked if I wanted chicken and I said no. She left for a minute with the plate that had the wrap on it to but fries on the plate. When she came back she made a point of ensuring me that there was no chicken in anything on my plate. I kind of wondered if she maybe was the person who helped me when I got fries when I went with USY. Maybe she remembered just how crazy I was.

Ilana, Teety, Me...Oh and Martian Dude

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