Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two Entertaining Conversations

This was the first day everyone was supposed to come in in their color war colors, as the teams were only announced the day before. Originally Lily and I were both on Blue Torah but one of the judging counselors, Big Sarah(there are two Sarahs) thought that I was very in to it and the white team needed me to make it fair. So I ended up on the White Mitzvos. Now Lily and I are on different teams.

Wednesday morning after I had just finished getting dressed Lily walks into my room, not an unusual thing, but the conversation that in-sued was out of the ordinary.
Lily: Is there any blue in you glasses?
Me : Lily, why on earth would there be blue in my glasses?
Lily: Because I want you to be wearing a little blue.
Me: But Lily I am on the white team.
Lily: I am wear a lot of white so it is only fair that you wear some blue.

Soon after arriving at camp I saw Annie's sister, Jessica. She is in Lily's bunk but had not been there all week because she was in the Poconos. During her trip she had bitten Annie's arm, I knew this from Annie's status. Quickly this conversation starts.
Me: Jessica, why did you bite your sister?
Jessica: Well it was a long car ride.
Me: So...
Jessica: I was bored
Moral of the story is boredom is now an excuse to bite.
Jessica and Lily in space helmets.

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