Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Case of the Bad Potato Chips

I had finished my post for today earlier but I decided to wait until tomorrow to post that entry. I have just had an experience I feel I should write about now.

I am currently on a train coming home from Springfield, MA. In avoidance of reading my book for APUSH I went to the café car to buy a bag of potato chips. There were to choices both from the brand Utz. I choose the home style ones because I happened to like kettle cook chips. I opened the bag up and they where kettle cooked. I popped one in my mouth unsuspectingly, they tasted off. I then notice the OU was not where it usually was on Utz bags. After further investigation I did not find an OU but did find lard in the ingredients.

The Culprit

LARD!!! Immediately I felt sick to my stomach. I felt terrible but it wasn’t my fault how would I know? I had never had lard before.

I didn’t want the chips to go to waste though, so I offered them around and one woman was about to eat them but first looked at the back and realized the same thing I had moments before, the chips had lard. After talking to her she told me she was vegan. She was also shocked to see lard as an ingredient. She said to me that she thought that it should be publish in large letters on the front. There are many reason someone might not eat lard:

So if you ever see Grandma Utz’s Hand Cooked Potato Chips be warned they contain lard. 

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