Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Focus

I have mostly been focusing on USY as that is the point of this blog but I have decided that I am going to change it a little. As I have Kinda of started doing I am going to also focus on what it is like going to a public high school after being in a Jewish school for so long. I will still have just as much USY stuff but I will just have more other stuff too.

More on camp. We are up to Thursday. For lunch there was chocolate pudding and afterwards we had cake for color war. Basically all my girls were on sugar highs for this trip. I on the other hand was exhausted the day before we had gone to the Beardsley Zoo and they need a counselor to go on a bus to Stamford and I didn't get home until about 5:45 and I was on Bendryl at the time. I was not in the mood to take eight 4 year-olds bowling, not even a little bit. So there I was in a bowling alley with my girls. The one the one thing I learned was; If you ever get the urge to take 4 year-olds bowling, DON'T.

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