Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Encampment- Boards Night (Finally)

I am finally writing about encampment and now that I have power but no internet I will have some time to write without distraction although it also means my actual posting may be sporadic.

Monday my dad drove Jacob and me to Trader Joe's in Danbury, where we met up with Tammi and the rest of the board. Our first task was to fit all six of us PLUS our luggage(which was the killer) in to the mini-van. With a little help from my dad we made it work. Rachel and I squished in the back where we could not feel our feet for the next four hours.

We were the second board to arrive at camp. We met three Tzafon board members, David J. (President), Shula (Rel/Ed), and my counter-part Jordyn (Mem/Kad). We start unloading the vans. It is raining and drizzling all day, so there was mud every where.

A while later EPA and Hagesher's boards arrive together. As soon everyone is settle we got to work. The rest of the day was pretty boring but it was really nice to get to know the other board members and have bonding time before everyone else came.
Quad Regional Boards!!

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