Thursday, September 1, 2011

Board Conversations

As we discovered on the way to encampment all conversations between the five of us (and Tammi) go roughly the same way. They contain the following things:

Ramah Palmer - THIS is what ALL our conversations lead back to...ALWAYS(I feel like I know some of the kids they talk about them so much). Rachel and Micah could spend hours talking about Ramah. In the background Penina and I will be trying to make it stop, while Jacob is reading on his Nook.

Hook Ups-  This is almost always about Ramah people so it practically goes in the first category.

Our "Comm."- If you have been paying attention I have never mention our comm. because we don't have one. That is unless you ask Penina in which case we do have one just know one knows.

Cousins- As we can all tell you Jacob has 23 first cousins, and he talks about everyone one of them which drives Micah crazy. Jacob is also very defensive about his family.

2nd Hand Stories ONLY!!!!- This is a rule that applies when Tammi is around. She will say "I have very nice opinions of everyone of you and I don't want them to get ruined." So we can not share stories about ourselves just other people.

Board Picture at Encampment(Jacob is missing)

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