Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Tomorrow as I am sure many of you know is the UN's vote on Israel borders. Israel is very close to mine as I am sure many of your hearts. I have only been there once, it was an amazing experience. I hope to be going again really soon.

One of the trips I am heavily considering is March of the Living. This trip is two weeks long. The first week is in Poland where you go to visit concentration camps and go on the march through the camps on Yom HaShoah. The second week is spent in Israel for Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzmeuts. Last Wednesday I was at a meeting for all of the kids from my Hebrew High School thinking about going on the trip together. During this meeting someone commented "Yeah, if there still even is an Israel."

What is that supposed to mean. Of course it will still be a country. The thing that might change is the lines that outline Israel. They have change before and they will again, Israel is a strong nation that reaches far beyond its own border's in a way no other country or state ever could.

The best way to fight this is not to JUST protest, but to research what will happen tomorrow. I don't care where you stand on this issue, JUST STAND SOMEWHERE!!!! Being informed is the best way to fight for what ever your opinion is.

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