Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chest Crossed

They say half the fun of any trip is the journey, in our case this is a very true statement. The way to Fall Boards weekend seemed fairly uneventful, that is until we got to Newark Airport. From there we were taking a hotel shuttle. Because of traffic it was late to the airport which means more people were waiting than would have been 10 minutes earlier, all USYers. When it finally did come it was about half the size of the other shuttles but the driver was determined to make us all fit.

I was one of the first people to go inside, but no where near the last. Soon people were piling in and there was at least three people on each seat for two, plus people sitting on the ground where ever they could. 31 people in all were piled in to a shuttle designed for around 10. 

The driver gets in looks around and says "I usually don't do this." And for a finishing touch while all the USYer are looking at him he crosses his chest.

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