Sunday, September 18, 2011

Charity Poker

Today was my chapters kickoff event, it was relaxing not being in charge. I also had to keep my mouth shut at times when I felt I would of done something different. This was a really good event, and I am really proud of the chapter board. I was also very impressed with the turn out and I am glad to see some more freshman get involve with the chapter.

The event started with everyone chilling and eating.

Sydney's Cup(Left) and My Cup(right)
Somehow I ended up with a preschool cup while everyone else had normal cups:(  At least it is cute.

Next on to some poker. We played Texas Hold'em which I had never played before.

My Poker Chips
Surprisingly I actually won at my table. Micah chalks it up to beginner's luck, I think it was because no one else knew what they were doing either.

My Sister Playing Poker
I was trying to take a picture of people playing poker. My sister realized this and tried to block it but was too late, so I HAD to post it.

In the end all the money that was charged for admission is going to our SA/TO Fund!

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