Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Look

I have been slacking off lately. I find it harder to blog now that it is summer. I had gotten into the routine of blogging when I came home from school, but now I no longer have a routine I never remember to blog. Also I would like to get some guest bloggers if anyone is interested.

I am sure you have all noticed the new appearance of the blog, I am still messing around with it. I am not sure if I like it though its very different and I will probably have to get used to it but I think that it represents the blog better. I would really appreciate some user input.

Lastly thing I want to but in this post is about USY Facts. There is currently a goal of 1,000 fans before IC. This is only possible with your help, so if you haven't become a fan yet go do it and everyone should get there friends to become fans. Also today is day 181 of USY Facts, there is a video contest for the 200th day. Please submit videos, they should be around 30 seconds and could be about just about anything USY. There will be a prize.

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