Saturday, July 9, 2011

Flashback: Assassin Game

Congratulations to NoriAnna on getting engage. Nori was A USYer in Hagesher and was an adviser for BEKI-BJ. She continues to staff Hanefesh regional events and is an amazing person.
Nori in Harry Potter World at IC '10
The story I am going to tell today has Nori in it.

One of the things I want to do now that I am on REB is try to go to other chapters' events. The first chapter event from a different chapter than mine was BEKI-BJ's Shabbaton. 

On Saturday afternoon I was with a few people when my friend Aaron suggested we play a game of assassin. We soon started to get other people involved. Someone who was not playing set the game up for us. During sudat shlishit we were assigned targets. 

Right before people started to get names I went back to my bunk to get a sweater. On my way back someone named Jake asked me is I was Joan. I said yes. He said that he had something really important to tell me. 

He quickly whispered in my ear "Bang bang, you're dead."

I looked up at him and replied "you know the game hasn't actually started yet, right?"

I soon received my target. After Havdalah the game began. I was practically untouchable because I knew who had me, but I couldn't figure out how to get my target out. After breakfast Sunday morning the opportunity presented itself, we were walking back to the bunk more than 10 feet from anyone else.

I whispered in to my target's ear "Bang bang, you're dead." I than found out my new target was Aaron, not hard, I already had a plan. 

Then Jake left early, which I figured that meant I would automatically be the winner as long as I killed everyone else off. So when Nori asked me to stay with her because Aaron had her as a target and I didn't have a problem staying with her because I knew she didn't have me. I told her about how I was Jake's target and he had left early.

Nori turned to me and said "Jake was my target so if he left you are my target now. Bang bang, you're dead." Though I was dead I did not want to see Aaron win as he had said he was going to win. 

Nori and I started thinking. While we went through a list of different plans. In the end another staffer asked to talk to Aaron about what he thought of the event. After they were done Nori came from behind Aaron and "killed" him, and one the game.

Nori than came up to me and said "Thank you for helping me relive my childhood"

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